South Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Mark Shepard

Hi everybody this is your South Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Mark Shepard with a fishing report for Lake Okeechobee, man it’s been cold we’ve had frost on the car as we wake up in the morning nothing my friends up north I know you guys laughing at us but when you have ice down here in Florida on your vehicle it’s pretty cold and so fishing it’s been very interesting over last few days but today got up this morning sure enough ice all over my wife’s car got my boat out and headed to the lake fishing with a guy that fished with me on the fl w tour Steve Dall and he brought his friend up earl super great guy and we went out to see what we could do and just doing a half day trip we absolutely crushed them just things worked out really really well today we got some really nice fish quality was fantastic numbers look good so even in the cold weather we were pulling it off and having a great day and the day before that one not so great numbers are okay but size weren’t there but today we got some big old big girls so and they’re still want to get to the beds on this new moon phase we just have to see how it plays out supposed to be real pretty tomorrow and i’ll keep you all updated this has been your fishing report with South Florida Bass Fishing Guide Capt Mark Shepard tight lines until next time.

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