South Florida Bass Fishing guide Capt Brian Brown

how’s everybody doing it’s your South Florida Bass Fishing guide Capt Brian Brown with a fishing report for Lake Okeechobee today had a four hour trip with a repeat client mark powers and the first time he just came along and enjoyed it so much he said to rebook a trip and bring his son Shane long we met down at the Harney pond area and went out of there today and then we ran out towards bird island and towards the main lake area and we took up four dozen shiners with us they just wanted to enjoy the day and see if we could catch a big fish and we set up on a spot it’s kind of in front of a spawning bay and mark had a lot of stories for for Shane on how we did on the first trip so Shane has been pretty pretty big expectations and mark had a couple fish right off the bat off the front of the boat and and decided he asked Shane in the back of the boat and decided a Shane if he wanted to sit back there instead Shane decide no he wanted to go back up front and so mark just sat in back and put a little whooping on Shane we had beautiful 6 pound fish come out of there another 4 3 quarter pound fish another 4 pound fish and we actually lost another one that mark had on that was probably between 4 and 3 quarters 5 pounds Shane was kind of shaking his head he didn’t know what to think but pretty soon fish there started to bite up on his part of the boat a little bit better and we had a great day the weather turned out perfect after all the storms and cold front cold weather we’ve had thats blown through the the lake the last few days so it was it was a great day on the water and they they really enjoyed their time and they’re really looking forward to coming back down next year and and getting back out there again they enjoyed with a scene and have a great day at it so anyway it love to have a family out and spend some time with them and give us a call here at bass online and we can get you all them both together and just enjoy a great day i’m on lake Okeechobee and till next time tight lines this has been your fishing report with South Florida Bass Fishing guide Capt Brian Brown looking to stretch some line with you.

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