South Florida Bass Fishing Charters with Capt Mark

Captain Mark Shepard here With the South Florida Bass Fishing Charters, out on Lake Okeechobee today and well folks I am worried about my northern friends cuz I know it is cold cold cold and its pretty cold down here, and it is in the forties good gosh for us down here that is brutal man. I had to wear socks with my flip-flops. I have my sandals on have some socks on to Keep my feet a little toasty but what a wonderful day i had 3 guys from Colorado Nick Scott and Eric these guys are a lot of fun to hang out with they ice fish I’m like why I just don’t get it. You know I’d like to go sometime just sit in the hut and just watch Keep me by the heater it would be a lot of fun to see something like that, but for me. I keep a tropical state of mind, But we had a slug fest we put a wacking on them today got great number’s got some good quality, tomorrow Not looking so good, will be in the forties again. Maybe a little lower. They’re talking about 40 even thats really cold for me. Im gonna be bundled up in all my winter gear and I know you northern folks are like yeah right, but anyways I want to try to stay warm, and we’ll see what happens got a long time client they have been with me for a long long time, lot of you people know Jim Robertson that is who I am fishing with tomorrow. you guys have to check it out. This is Captain Mark Shepard with the South Florida Bass Fishing Charters, to you northern friends of mine, Please try to stay warm stay close to the furnace or the fireplace I wish I had one. when you get too cold come on down.

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