Okeechobee Largemouth Bass Charters with Capt Brian

How’s everybody doing this is your Okeechobee Largemouth Bass Charters with Capt Brian. We left out of the south end again today from Belle glade at slims fish camp. I was with my repeat customer tim Grey We have a blast every time we go fishing and seem to catch a bunch fish, so I was looking forward to this morning getting down there and and seeing what we could get done and today was no exception. We stopped got ourselves 4 dozen shiners. We just had a four hour trip was what he likes doing in the mornings, and we got out there. Before the sunrise which was pretty easy considering it stayed pretty foggy all day, and the fog stayed until about the time we left but I think the clouds hanging around the fog hanging around helped keep the fish out from the the grass and stuff and kept them out in the open water and they were on fire on those shiners today. It was an absolute blast just a lot of numbers and just real good quality fish everything we got today seem like it was 3 pounds or better we never did get a real good giant but what an awesome morning that we had, it was just a blast looking forward to fishing with him again, And it’s just a fun trip every time we get together. so anybody else looking to come down the moon’s getting right. We got the water cooled off and going to drop a bit more and push those fish even harder in and they’ll be ready to eat your shiner so get ready to come down this is your Okeechobee Largemouth Bass Charters with Capt Brian looking to stretch some line with you.

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