Okeechobee Fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown

Hey everybody this is your Okeechobee Fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown with a fishing report today I was fishing with mike and his friend lee we went out of the north end to do a little artificial fishing they wanted to kind of just get a drive on the lake and see what the north end was all about just wanted to check out some areas and see what the lake was all about so i had them meet me at Okeechobee fishing headquarters we went through the store and pick up a few baits as i thought they would need and some plastic that we probably use and headed out to the lake for a for a great day fishing beautiful weather today finally warmed up over the last couple days I’ve been just absolutely ice cold we start out throwing swim jigs this morning and we did pretty decent in the first couple of spots i think we want up with 4 5 fish there water temp down 54 55 to 56 degrees pretty pretty cool for trying to get in the moving baits but when they had it you knew it and we made a little move from there as the sun came up and and went into another bay and try to catch some fish flipping a cinco and and big bite stick worm and just can’t seem to get bit that way so i made another move and started throwing swim jigs again around some more green vegetation some mats and stuff like that where will get a couple more bites there and caught a couple 3 pound quality bass so maybe little over half a day left and we made one big move over to the east side area and we got one fish on the stick worm there i was lucky enough to boat a 6 pounder while we’re doing that we got another 18 fish over there throwing the swim jig around there they wanted something horizontal and something moving and when they had it you knew they almost take the rod out of your hands but just goes to show even with the cold water that you can catch some fish on moving baits until next time tight lines, this has been your Okeechobee Fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown with a fishing report, looking to stretch the line with you

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