Okeechobee Bass fishing Guide Capt Dave Lauer

Hey everybody This is your Okeechobee Bass fishing Guide Capt Dave Lauer with a fishing report, Lake Okeechobee Belle glade 47 degrees this morning, winds howling out of the north, I got two brave soldiers from Delray Beach. Jeff Whiteman Son Jordan You’ve heard their names 100 times cuz I take them fishing all the time they came out with their winter gear hats gloves That’s right, we went through 10 dozen shiners Jeff white said these guys have gone out a bunch and said that it was the best day fishing they ever recalled. Cold North wind blowing, and we found a spot where we caught them one right after another. on golden Shiners the drug of choice for large mouth bass. So anyway. Book a trip let’s go fishing there biting on Lake Okeechobee in the South East Corner. I’m captain Dave I’m out.

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