Largemouth Bass Charters Lake Okeechobee

How’s everybody doing it’s Capt Brian Brown here with your Largemouth Bass Charters Lake Okeechobee report. I had Monty Jennings from Kentucky. He was down spending some time over on The West coast and decided to come over and give Lake Okeechobee a try for 4 hours today, just made a quick trip to see if he would like it or not so we put in there and got ourselves a few dozen shiners to take out with us for the day, we are on the backside of that major cold front We just had so I figured the shiner fishing would probably be our best bet and we made a run over towards the south end of the Lake over towards Belle glade area. Set up on a couple outside cat tails areas that we had been catching some fish on, and it took a little bit longer than I thought to get the fish going, but I mean after this cold front it should’ve been expected, but once we finally got one to bite it seems like another one would bite and we kind of we actually have a couple of flurries where you know we had three corks down at the same time so it didn’t turn out to be too bad of a day, we never did catch a real big big fish, but the weather was a lot better than we expected they had some major storms off to the south the wind’s finally laid down from what they’ve been howling out of the North, North West and they switched a little bit out of the east and brought in some warmer weather too. So all in all it was a great day. We’re able to catch bunch of fish and actually moved to another area at the end of the day and we’re able to pick up another four or five fish over there. Just kind of kept it moving with the bite that’s going on with this cold front. you got to kinda Keep your options open and move around a little bit, but I think we’re looking at a break in the weather and things warming up again for this week so I think It should turn around and get going really good again, but we enjoyed the day he is looking forward to coming back and that he was definitely looking to come back next year same time pretty much and then maybe spend six or eight hour day out there so yeah obviously enjoyed and even the bite was tough but he kind of knew What was going on and was to be expected after a major cold front in Florida, it was a great day on the water and those you coming down get a hold of us here at bassonline and hopefully we can give you the trip of a lifetime. This has been your Largemouth Bass Charters Lake Okeechobee report with Capt Brian Brown tight lines and looking to stretch some line with you.

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