Lake Okeechobee group fishing charter with Capt Brian

Hey, everybody, This is the Lake Okeechobee group fishing charter with Capt Brian. We went out of south end of the lake down at slims fish camp we had a three boat group trip with a couple families out and got a couple dads brought the kids along we had 6 people so we split them up 2 people per boat to make little more elbow room to set the hook and cast and everything and they wanted to go Relax and do some shiner fishing so we got our selves 4 dozen shiners there from slims and we headed out to the lake we had a great first hour in the morning the bite was on really well everybody was catching fish Having a good time and then things kind of started slowing down. We just had to move around like you usually got to do you know as time goes on fish can get used to what’s going on and we had to run to a few spots here and there as it was slow and finally ran across to another good spot in the last hour we only had a four trip which doesn’t Give you a lot of time looking for stuff, and we ran across one more spot there in the last hour, they did a really good job, We missed a couple big fish learning how to set the hook like even with the wild shiner and they they eat it really well you still got to set the hook really good to get that hook penetrating the fishes mouth, and we had a couple of fish jump off but that’s part of the game and other than that we all had a wonderful time everybody got a bunch of fish and Just a Great group trip out here on Lake Okeechobee. So you got a big family outing or big corporate outing don’t think you cant get everybody together. We’ve got plenty of boats down here give us a call at bassonline, and we can hook you up and keep everybody together and joke and laugh like we did today this has been your the Lake Okeechobee group fishing charter until next time tightlines this is Capt Brian Brown Looking to stretch some line with you.

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