Lake Okeechobee fresh water bass fishing report

Lake Okeechobee fresh water bass fishing report with Captain Mark Shepard again trip number two for today, And you know it’s been a real special day anytime you get father and son out it’s kind of like a special bonding time and early this morning. I had frank and Zack long time clients, but I’m made some new ones this afternoon, and it’s Phil and Harley. Harley 16 year old son, fantastic kid this kid is from the heart of Tennessee. big time Bow Hunter Outdoors man. Just loves to bass fish hes in a high school fishing tournament league and you know in my career these are the things that just fire me up, I love to see kids get out there in the outdoors. Just really really soak it up. And it’s a great great blessing for me to meet folks like this we had a wonderful afternoon trip and we fished into the evening and we put a whacking on them again kinda like this morning the bite wasn’t super fast it was a good steady bite, quality was great. We have some really beautiful fish today, and just a wonderful blessing to meet these guys and I hope they get to come back down here to Florida. you know we were kind of joking around how fishing on Lake okeechobee is addicting once you get that first hit your hooked, and that’s what they said they want to come back and they thought it was going to be a one hit wonder nope not this lake This place is a big deal. It’s a different adventure every time we come out on the big O well folks this has been your Lake Okeechobee fresh water bass fishing report with Captain Mark Shepard all the best everybody God bless.


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