Lake Okeechobee Florida Bass fishing report with Capt Mark

Hey folks Captain mark Shepard here with your Lake Okeechobee Florida Bass fishing report. Hey this is trip number one today, and I’m with frank and Zach these father son they’ve been with me for quite a long time, but Zach is at 16 years old growing like a weed, and we had a really good day this day’s bite It wasn’t super fast but it was a really good and quality was really good. I mean we had a really nice average a lot of 3 and 4 pounders, and You know some over 6 but you couldn’t ask for a better day. It’s been extremely hot so kind of made our fishing a little bit goofy, but this weekend is supposed to cool down, but guys let me tell you what the best part about this deal is that frank lives in Chicago and you know what that means deep dish pizza, and hey I do bb-q for a hobby, but if I only had one food to live on I’d ask for pizza, So they’re going to ship me down some frozen of the best deep dish pizza on the planet, and I’m a pizza connoisseur what a tip, I give really cool tips, but this was really really cool can’t wait for that package to come in. This is Captain mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee Florida Bass fishing report all the best everybody.

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