Lake Okeechobee Fishing Guide Capt Mark Shepard

This is your Lake Okeechobee Fishing Guide Capt Mark Shepard with a Fishing report Well folks had a cancellation this morning, but I did an afternoon trip mother nature is turning South We got some big storm supposed to have a tornado warnings for tomorrow, but overall I always like pre frontal when this stuffs coming in fishing really picks up and gets really nice had two really cool guys from Canada come down. and they always wanted to fish Okeechobee so we go out this afternoon mark and Brandon two super guys they like to fish for those northern Pike. But they got a taste of the Okeechobee bass, and when you hook up on one of them. they are going to fight you to the house. They don’t stop they are full of Adrenalin and Do not quit. They will fight you all the way to the very end and we had us a really really nice evening good numbers beautiful quality fish couldn’t ask for no better. Hey all the best everybody. This is Capt Mark Shepard Tight lines until next time.

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