Lake Okeechobee Bass fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown

How’s everybody doing this is your Lake Okeechobee Bass fishing Guide Capt Brian Brown with a fishing report, today We had a 8 hour trip out of the North End of the Lake we had a 3 boat trip actually and I had the father son group of tony and joe and we went out we had a pretty good day the morning wasn’t as productive as we thought it could be but man the big storms we had yesterday, and we’re going to have some big storms again tomorrow. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and we we went out and and took 10 dozen shiners with us and went down on the North end of the lake down by honey pond and fished down there, in the morning we caught 30, and then in the afternoon it started slowing down. We had to kinda hunt and pick we moved probably half dozen times just kind of looked and find that one area that that would hold them and we ran in to the inside and actually ened up getting another 8 to 10 fish and that was what we needed and we had a great day we never did catch a real big giant one. we did have you know some good quality fish today, and had a great time doing it just a beautiful day outside kind of what Sunny, Sunny South Florida supposed to be not this crazy storms we’ve been having so it was it was a great day to be in the boat, and got in on some father son time between those guys and great time telling some stories and some wonderful fish being caught so looking forward to tomorrow. We’re going to get out in the afternoon get after it again, and so you guys are anybody looking to bring your family’s down to spend some quality time with them and give us a call here at bass online, and you guys in the boats, and if you need a couple extra bolts we’ve we’ve got the people that do it so we’ll give us a call and Tell next time tight lines of Scott Brian Brown book construction line with you.

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