Lake Ida fishing Charters with Capt Robert

Hello, this is your Lake Ida fishing Charters with Capt Robert, had a four hour trip out of lake Ida and just getting ready to pull from the ramp we had an excellent day. I had customers gary Row and his wife Liea from, Ohio, and they’re coming down here to go out on a cruise to bahamas and saint Thomas, but we had an excellent day. he wanted to get the peacock bass off his bucket list and well he had snow up there. He said to come south and get some peacocks, water temperature was 72 when I put in. And it was about 73. And the temperature came up to well it’s right at 73 now and right about 11:30 a rain storm came up and just poured and the wind blew for about 20 minutes. I’m just getting off the water now. It’s nice and calm and it’s 73 degrees, but we had a really super nice day to catch some nice fish so anyway gary Thank you for choosing bass online. And may your drag scream all the way home, and you have fun in the islands on your cruise. tight lines until next time.

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