Bass Fishing report Lake Okeechobee with Capt Brian

Hey everybody this is the Bass Fishing report Lake Okeechobee with Capt Brian, i have two reports for today. This is the a.m. Trip that I had with tim and his son Taylor, tim’s a repeat customer of mine, and we’ve been going out here on Lake Okeechobee for the last few years we went back out of the south end today outta slims fish camp down there and we had a 4 hour trip so we got four dozen shiners and and headed out to the main lake area where we’ve been fishing. We got set up in a nice little spot kind of some reed cattail mix and it took 45 minutes or so for the fish to really get going we had one here one there, but once the fish kind of figured out that they were shiners there to be eaten and kind of got a few of them excited catching a few they they started to turn on and for the next 3 hours after that it was it was pretty crazy we actually ran out of shiners three hours into the trip and we ended up doing a little bit of artificial Fishing there at the end but our shiner bite was just crazy there for two and a half 3 hours in there in the morning. We had perfect weather and decent breeze keeping the bugs out keeping us cool and the highs were in the 80 so it was it was an awesome day out there and partly cloudy skies so the fish kind of stayed out on the outside of the grass rather than getting tucked up inside it we had some big numbers not a lot of big fish Tim did catch one 7 pounder which pretty much capped off the day. that was that was the highlight of the day he had another 7 pound or two last time we fish together, so we kind of got a little something going there Hopefully in the next time we go out we can get another one. He’s actually looking to come back and do some crappie fishing here probably in February so we probably caught 30 fish today along with a 7 pounder, and I guess with the weather and being the day after Christmas weekend, and that kind of like having Christmas presents today, So it was a great day on the water and look forward to many more with him, Give me a call and Let’s go do some fishing For all your freshwater fishing adventures go to tight lines until next time. This has been your Bass Fishing report Lake Okeechobee with Capt Brian looking to stretch some line with you

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