The Two Boat Trip

This is Captain Steve with the fishing report for Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I was part of the two boat trip, with some guys from Korea one of them was a pro that fishes over there, and came over here with a couple of his friends fished with me and couple fished with John Leech, There was a little bit of a language barrier, but when it comes to fishing everybody can pretty much get it figured out we did some artificial and we ended up catching about 10 or 12 the first day, the weather dropped 8 degress and the winds picked up so it get a bit rough. We caught most of them on Tapout Baits, Cinco’s something that was real slow Then Thursday Thanksgiving day we went back out to do some flipping first thing and caught a few and then we found a canel that was protected from the wind and had a lot over there This is Captain Steve for all your freshwater and saltwater fishing Adventures go to