St Johns River Bass fishing report

This is Captain Steve with the bass fishing report for the St Johns River today I had a great trip again with Mitch a repeat customer mine and his father in law Heinz from over Ocala ways there, and I havent seen him in a couple years, and it was just good to get back out with them and chat a little. Iv taken him two or three times in the past and you know you go fishing that many times you get to know someone pretty good, so we just kind of got caught up and went out caught about 15 or 16 bass today in a 6 hour trip was fishing with wild shiners, it was kind of Cloudy all day didn’t have very much sun, the sun came out just a couple times, but then went right in behind the clouds again, but other than that it was pretty nice day the wind blew a little bit harder for a while but we kind of stayed tucked down around the trees and stuff up in the creeks and got out of the wind enough so we could enjoy our day and have a good chat and and just enjoy ourselves out there thats all for the st johns river bass fishing report. Give me a call and Let’s go do some fishing For all your freshwater fishing adventures go to This is Capt Steve tight lines until next time.