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Rodman drawdown fishing with Capt Steve

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Rodman Drawdown Fishing

This is Captain Steve with the fishing report from Rodman reservoir today. I had Steve and his brother chuck up on Rodman reservoir, it was the first time they have ever been there when the draw down was, they have been there before when the water was way up now it was down about 8 ft, so it was a new experience for them. We went out and they wanted artificial bait
we caught a few on worms using the red Bass Assassin worms we also caught a few with some wild shiners and Steve caught the largest of the day weighing in at 7 10 on a wild shiner up underneath some mats if you can find enough water underneath a mat and can get your shiner to run up under it you will catch some good bass. That’s what I was doing today just jumping from mat to mat curb to curb just keep moving and if you can find some little bit clearer water, you will find the fish and you’ll find the best fish.
This is captain Steve reporting in, Thank you.

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