Peacock Bass fishing report with Capt Robert Miley

Hey everybody this is the Peacock Bass fishing report with Capt Robert Miley. We had an awesome day today on Lake Ida. I fished with clark and his son Andrew, and his son that just flew in from Indiana, and we’ve got about 30 Peacocks, biggest one was 5 pounds, and just an awesome day the water temperature was 71 air temperature was 74 when we put in the temperature now when I pulled the boat out was at 82. We got them all on Live shiners today the Fish were down and they were tough to get because I went to five different spots and the water was super high water was running, and it was grass floating and so I found a pocket that was nice and clear and wasn’t affected by the current and we loaded the boat, and it’s awesome fishing, and these guys were just really surprised. They said they couldn’t believe how hard these peacock bass bite. So if you want to catch some peacock Bass and get outta the cold weather Give me a call and Let’s go do some fishing For all your freshwater fishing adventures go to This is Capt Robert Miley tight lines until next time.