Okeechobee Largemouth Bass fishing with Capt Brian Brown

Hey everybody this is the Okeechobee Largemouth Bass fishing report with Capt Brian Brown, today I had Ansgar and his buddy Bryan with me we went out of slims down on the south end of the lake we had a four hour trip today and they wanted to do some shiner fishing, Ansgar had seen some pictures of his buddies that I had taken out a couple times and he’s all excited to catch some fish like they had, so we went out and headed out towards the main lake with 5 dozen shiners and got set up on a couple of the read heads that we’ve been catching them on before and unfortunately the bite was a little bit slower than We hoped today, we had that major cold front coming in the last couple days, and It kind of got some of these fish down, but it didn’t take long for them to get started, and they did they did a good job Even with these tough conditions. They caught themselves something like 20 25 fish, nothing real big today, biggest ones we had was 4 pounds and then one Big cat fish that they got, but we had a good time. We just never got that big fish into the boat, the weather was finally great, little you know we had some sun to keep the fish somewhat active. Wind was blowing out of the South Today Finally rather than that North wind blowing all that cold weather in, so it looks like we’re shaping up to have an awesome Christmas coming up here this week with the full moon coming in and the water will be warming back up, Give me a call and Let’s go do some fishing For more Okeechobee Largemouth Bass fishing go to bassonline.com This is Capt Brian tight lines until next time.