Okeechobee Large mouth Bass fishing report with Capt Brian Brown

Hello everyone this is the Lake Okeechobee Large mouth Bass fishing report with Capt Brian Brown, today Galen from Indianapolis, Indiana was with me, we went out of the north end of the lake out of Okeechobee city stopped and got some wild trainers there at Gerard’s and we headed out to the lake, we had a pretty Good morning right off the bat we started fishing deeper Weed line some offshore grass and had a pretty good day to start out with. Went through bunch of shiner’s right off the bat. We made a little move when the bite slowed down and got a mix of some weeds and some pepper grass and continue to catch a few fish there and didn’t go exactly how i hopped so we made another move and actually went up in closer to shore with the sun high in the sky and tried to catch the more fish that were maybe a little closing in under cover and pulled into an area that I kind of made a little bit scratched out some of the grass with my anchor which made a good spot to try to catch some Fish We had a bunch of bites in there, but we had a tough time hooking up. Wish we could have got a few more fish in the boat see what they look like they sure looked good when they blew up on the Rod, it was a great day overall you can’t ask for better weather nice south Wind and Bright Blue bird skies somehow. He really enjoyed himself It was only 30 degrees back home and snowing for them so they get down here enjoy that warm warm Southern Florida weather he was loving life so having a good time today we went through a bunch of Shiners’s, got a bunch of fish and enjoy the time that we had out there. this is your Lake Okeechobee Large mouth Bass fishing report. Give me a call and Let’s go do some fishing For all your freshwater fishing adventures go to bassonline.com This is Capt Brian tight lines until next time.