lake Toho Largemouth Bass fishing report

This is Captain Steve with the lake Toho Largemouth Bass fishing report. Today I had a four hour trip with Harbel his son and his wife. His wife Came along and took pictures of the guys catching fish. It was pretty Windy out there today more than what I really care for, but on Lake Toho you really cant hardly get outta the wind, but we went out and made the best of it and caught about a dozen fish in a 4 hour trip. The sun never did come out it was cloudy all day matter fact it rained just a little bit. Harbel caught a 5 22 pounder, and he was pretty excited about that. We just had a great time. they’re both here from England, and they’ll be coming probably back around next year or the year after that and go to Disney and hopefully go on some more fishing adventures while they’re here so looking forward to seeing them come back around again. This is Captain Steve, and for all you’re all fresh and salt water fishing adventures go to bassonline and check us out tight lines till next time.