Lake Okeechobee Bass fishing report with Capt Brian Brown

Hello everyone this is the Lake Okeechobee Bass fishing report with Capt Brian Brown, today we went out of the north end and I had brothers Trevor and Dustin Jansen from up in Saskatchewan, Canada neither one of them had ever been bass fishing. They were good Walleye fisherman up there, and they wanted to come down, and they’re actually down to watch their favorite football team Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so they thought they were down for a few extra days they would come out and see what the big O was all about. we went out of North end out of gerards stopped and got ourselves some live wild shiners and headed out to the lake and we tried to beat the wind out there but the wind picked up and is blowing pretty hard the rest of the day and throughout the night for tomorrow, and we got out and had decent weather right away this morning, the sun was a little higher in the sky then we wanted it and that high pressure system had set in fishing wasnt what we wanted it to be, but we we moved around a lot. we were catching fish. We had a decent day and got some numbers. no real big ones, but we just we kind of hunted here and there and we’d catch six or seven fish in each area that we would stop on. We had a big east wind like I said that the weather is beautiful great sunshine out there, and you know what the sunshine states all about here in Southern was a good day all around just never really got that big fish, but they got to enjoy it, first time each had caught a bass and had a real good time. We did get in a little bit of artificial fishing at the very end of the day and we did catch a couple on cincos. We get this front out of here next week looking awesome so anybody that’s looking to come down for some Lake okeechobee bass fishing and have a catch of a Lifetime and have a trip of a lifetime get a hold of us here and we can make it happen Let’s go do some fishing For all your freshwater fishing adventures go to This is Capt Brian Brown tight lines until next time.