Lake Ida Peacock Bass fishing report with Capt Doug

Hey everybody this is the Lake Ida Peacock Bass fishing report with Capt Doug, and I could not ask for anymore of a pretty day today, skies were beautiful blue 80 degrees, the wind was the only problem, but other than that you know we overcame that today. repeat clients today Paul from Michigan, and his son Wilson who is a seventh grader Who plays lacrosse. I had him last spring when Wilson was on spring break over at Lake Okeechobee fishing for Largemouth bass and I talk to them into a peacock trip this time so they’re down here for Christmas visiting Grandma, So we went Peacock fishing today things started off going very well I get one area and then main maintenance crews came in and started working and scared our fish away, so We changed things up ended going to some other locations on the lake, and then ended up catching over 36 fish today biggest fish probably between 4 and 5 pounds biggest peacock about 3 pounds and they had a great time and so they’re covered Lake okeechobee Lake Ida and maybe next time they’re going to let me take him to the everglades and see what we can do down there so again. That’s successful trip great day lots of fun and lots of fish. Give me a call and Let’s go do some fishing For all your freshwater fishing adventures go to This is Capt Doug with your Lake Ida Peacock Bass fishing report tight lines until next time.