Lake Ida Bass fishing report with Capt Doug Jensen

hello everyone this is the Lake Ida Bass fishing report with Capt Doug Jansen, the weather today was 80 degrees Mostly Sunny in the morning, it became partly cloudy in the afternoon of our 6 hour trip with a repeat customer Sandy from Chicago, and his buddy Lou iv taken him out several times so far. today We started off they wanted to do a little lure fishing but we also picked up some shiners just in case we grabbed five dozen shiners and went through the full five dozen shiners by 11 o’clock we started the trip at 7:30. So we drove the boat back and I took my truck went up to get three dozen more shiners and we ended up catching quite a few fish today over 50 I’m sure, we started off mostly with a largemouth bite and ended up with a few peacocks. the biggest fish were somewhere around two and a half to three pounds. Weren’t a whole lot of big fish, but lot of numbers and a lot of fun, and they are planning their next trip on Lake okeechobee in January so hope to see him again soon.Give me a call and Let’s go do some fishing For all your freshwater fishing adventures go to This is Capt Doug Jansen tight lines until next time.