Florida Bass fishing report with Capt Mark

Hey everybody Welcome to the Florida Bass fishing report with Capt Mark
Captain Mark Shepard here with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report well folks over last 3 days we had a huge trip with 13 guys a lot of our boats with the frazier group just a lot of fun everybody caught fish and over the last 3 days It’s just been incredible some really really big fish caught on this group trip. It’s always fun, these guys come every year and it’s just a hoot, and we just smoked them this last three days every guy in our group caught real real good fish, the weather was bad a little bit with a lot of wind back side of the moon some of the toughest situations you could ask for, but we all put it together and everybody performed real good and put a lot of fish in the boats and the day we started out we finished up with about 50 head before lunchtime lot of good quality fish, going to post some pictures, and you got to check it out this is my First half of the Day, so I got a lot of fishing reports coming in checking out everybody’s reports and just a wonderful trip all our guys have posted on this trip. There’s some big fish you got a check them out this Captain mark Shepard all the best and tight lines everybody.

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