First Trip out on the Lake

This is Captain Steve with todays fishing report for lake Toho. I took john and his son Kyle from North Carolina out over Lake Toho it was their first trip out on the lake there and they just kind of wanted to see what it was all about they have done some deep sea fishing stuff down here in Florida, and some bass fishing up in North and South Carolina and so wanted to go out and try it around so we went out fished little artificial then started throwing some wild shiners and ended up catching most of the bass on the shiners, A four hour trip out, it was it was a pretty good first little bit and then went and kind of got a little bit rough after that, but it was pretty Sunny, didnt have to worry about any rain today. It’s been raining this last week so I was kind of glad not to see any rain. They had a good time got about a half dozen or so. Our biggest catch today was about 3 pounds or so which was the biggest bass They have seen.