Bass fishing Lake Toho report with Capt John

Hey everybody this is the Bass fishing Lake Toho Bass fishing report with Capt John I Had ron and his son in law John out, and did real well yesterday. fishing artificial only we caught quite a few on Carolina Rigs and then of all things a frog a floating frog get it in that slot and twitch it around a little bit, and they were just come out and I mean just blow up all over it and had a lot of fun and had a front come through today, and the fish bit real good this morning early before the front came through, but then after the front came through the bite got a little more reluctant a little tougher We did still caught some caught a couple on the frog. caught them on a flipping stick got a couple on a Swim bait So anyway, t was a kind of an interesting day. I had to make some changes, but that’s it for now. Give me a call and Let’s go do some fishing For all your freshwater fishing adventures go to This is Capt John tight lines until next time.