Hi Jason,
It was very nice to meet you and spend the day fishing. I was glad you took the time with Deb to teach her some of the basics of fishing. She really liked it, and now I can buy fishing gear for Christmas. I think we will be out fishing quit a bit from now on. She said she couldn’t believe she held the Bass, and said maybe she would try baiting a hook with a worm. My fishing days can begin again. We had a great day. Sorry I couldn’t land that 10# one for you, but I tried. I think we may want to do it again next year, if so, I will get a hold of you.

Till our next adventure, keep the collection of Crow Bait going, and maybe I could get the privilege of using one.

Thanks again,
Tom & Deb

What a great Day out on Lake Okeechobee with Tom and Deb…Thanks for sharing..Captain Jason Young