The Bite was Really good on Okeechobee!

Hey everybody, it’s Captain Dave Lauer.

The bite was really good on Okeechobee, so I Just wanted to give you a fishing report for Lake Okeechobee. We burned through 6 dozen golden luscious shiners…we caught a lot of Bass today…I actually lost count…had an 8 pound Bass and two 7 pound with countless 4 pounders…almost all of them were pre spawn females with some little ones…but anyway the bite was really good! We had a little front coming in about 10 o’clock didn’t really rain on us but the wind was switching out of the north and the fish started really biting. I had been catching them like that the last couple of days with the southeast wind…the fish are baiting and the fishing is getting really good on Lake Okeechobee so come on down! This is Captain Dave Lauer.