Hello, This is Captain Robert Miley. I just fished out on Blue Lagoon and we had a terrific day…fishing started off slow…Windy and overcast…we had to move around quite a bit…fish didn’t start biting until about 11 o’clock. We ended up with 12 really nice Peacock Bass in the 3 to 4 pound range. Pat McDonald a very good friend of mine…we fished today with his son Scott who came in from North Carolina. So we went out looking around for some other spots and we found a few… we had a great day of fishing. This is captain Robert Miley and we caught most of our fish today not on top water…fish were mostly caught really deep with using extra split shot with shiners…I knew they were coming up and they were biting really super late! Had a really great day…temperature was 88 with water temperature 81 degrees and had an awesome trip! Take care…talk to you later, Bye.