Some kind of Adventure in South Florida

This is Captain Steve Niemoeller with fishing report for this weekend. A little out of my element this weekend. We’re not using big wild shiners this weekend we’re actually using small flies… we were down south catching Peacock Bass on Lake Osborne in Lake Worth, Florida. Went down there with Randy and Scott long time customer of mine…we usually fish for Bass or small Brim…last year we did a salt water trip! This weekend they decided to do some Peacock Bass fishing…So we went down there and had a three day trip and caught over a hundred fish…three days between the two and a half days between fishing for the Peacock Bass, Largemouth Bass…had a great time down there just beautiful weather… little bit windy…but most of the time it was just great… with fishing in and out of the canals you can get out of wind…it’s just a great place to catch a lot of fish! They were all excited it was it was a good time! So look forward to having those guys back and fish with me again…Their from Utah and some from Idaho…So we’ll probably have some kind of adventure next year.

This is Captain Steve with weekend report for… We will talk to you later…Thank you!