Captain Mark Shepard here with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report…well folks out on the water with John Houlihan this guy fished with me several different times and you know some people just have all the luck! Everything just falls into his lap every time…Every time I take this guy out he just crushes them…the moons just line up for him and them he gets some big old fish.. we had ourselves a blast and just really enjoyed the day! It’s awful warm down here right now we’re breaking record heat! Supposed to cool down next week. A lot of a female Bass station on the outside edge their coming in and its going to get busy…should have a really nice first major spawn coming up. Things are really firing up here on Lake Okeechobee…this cool weather is just going to light the fire on the lake… I’m just really looking forward to this season…the water levels are nice with water clarity real good…vegetation has changed quite a bit with the flats and the swap kind of changed around a little bit so it’s a whole new adventure for everybody that comes down here…if you’ve seen it before it’s costly changing it’s an ever changing wonderland. This is Captain Mark Shepard…tightlines everybody!