Fishing with Rich Water and Steve on Lake Okeechobee

Hello, This is Captain Robert Miley

I’m just leaving Slims fish camp on a super half day. Fishing with Rich Water and Steve on Lake Okeechobee

We didn’t catch any big fish but we got numbers. Their biggest bass was 5 pounds…they were all running in the three to five pound range. We caught about 25 Bass 25 today!

It was real windy conditions, I mean real windy and I was hard to even set up the boat position…but they did a great and had a good time. Water temperature is about 76, wind temperature this morning was 64 degrees.

It’s really windy now and High Sunny sky’s right now, but they had an awesome time! They have a lot of nice fish they came back to the marina and told Jim at Slims that it was awesome time! They told me, “They’d be back!” They caught a lot of fish, some fish Runaways don’t know if they had any big fish but they had some that ran hard and they got them close and the fish pulled off. I guess because of the frontal conditions the Bass were just biting the fish and carrying the baits a lot today… they weren’t really settling down they had to really let them eat it and run with it and by that time there way back in the vegetation and we had to drag them out!

So anybody that would like to come down to Sunny South Florida…winters starting and its getting cold up North… The Peacock Bass are biting and the largemouth Bass bite remaining good on Lake Okeechobee.

Take care…talk to you later…everybody have a good Happy Thanksgiving… Bye now, Captain Robert Miley.