Captain Mark Shepard here with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.. Well folks one of the greatest things about my job is I get to meet some fantastic people and today I had a Professional Magician…. I mean this guys off the charts! Just a quick little story about that..he pulls out a deck of cards on the front of my boat…standing there says, “Mark pick one”…so I look at it real good put it back in the deck of the cards…he pulls out a card and ask “if this is it” I said no! Well he says he must of messed up because go back and look in your live well… There’s the card in the live well! This guy was fun nominal, just absolutely amazing day! Bill Blagg’s if you get a chance go see a show, he’s traveling all over the country.. with his good friend Mill Brooks.. these guys were fun nominal! We had a hoot of a time catching wonderful fish and they kept me on my toes all day. Just a great day folks! Seriously if you get a chance go check these guys out… He’s a fantastic! He’s an illusionist, go check them out.. They did a whole bunch of tricks on my boat. I never had that kind of entertainment. Hey did some crazy stuff! I could tell you about a whole bunch of things, but we just had our self a blast.. got some beautiful fish.. just fantastic folks to spend the day with.. Lake Okeechobee is really getting good… fish starting to migrate in.. looking forward to a fantastic season on the Big O.. water levels are great.. everything is just wonderful!

Y’all have a great day and tight lines everybody.