Dad smoked him with the big fish on Okeechobee

Captain Mark Shepard here with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report…well folks out on the water with Steve and his son Scott… Steve just moved down here from New Jersey his son Scott still lives up there…Steve has been down here for a good while…so Steve figured I live down here in South Florida to go check out Lake Okeechobee…so they came over to fish with me…we put the smackdown on them this morning! We only did a four hour trip… caught a whole bunch of numbers! Steve kinda realize that when you come to Florida… you don’t fish Okeechobee you’re really missing something here. So we really had a great time…they were great to hang out with…lot of fun lot of laughs… and then little competition between father and son… Scott had all the numbers but it’s dad smoked him with the big fish! For a quick half day fishing it was fantastic…the big girls are starting to show up down here…so when you get a chance to come on down to South Florida You want to check out Lake Okeechobee for sure!

This is Captain Mark Shepard tight lines!