Cheyenne having caught 16 of the Bass Herself

This is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report… Well folks out on the water with some return clients Mike, Zack and his girlfriend Cheyenne… Just super cool kids are both in high school and Cheyenne smoked them today! She’s left both guys sitting in the dark…We used live bait for fishing today and a little bit of artificial.. When you’re on the back side of the moon, it’s a little bit slower numbers..You know we have to grind them out.. Numbers weren’t too bad, we had 25 fish on live bait but Cheyenne had 16 of the Bass herself..She smoked them and she got the biggest one and we caught some really great fish, just a super day! Weather was pretty decent with a little breezy, very comfortable this morning… We’re looking to do this again tomorrow looking forward to another adventure and see if we can even get some bigger ones! It’s pretty nice when first time ever fishing Okeechobee and this young lady whooped these guys who are really good bass fisherman…It was just fun to watch!

Captain Mark Shepard Timelines everybody.