Captain Doug Jansen on Lake Ida with Repeat Customers

Hello, This is Captain Doug Jansen reporting from Palm Beach County Lake Ida on October 29th. I took out fishing today some repeat customer. Sandy Flaster and Lou there’re from Chicago, there’re snow birds and they’re down for the season. They’re ready to do some fishing today out on Lake Ida. We started the day with 7 dozen shiners. Things are a little slow at first but then they caught quite a few Peacock Bass and a couple of Largemouth Bass thrown in there. The largest fish was maybe about 3 pound Peacock Bass, that made them pretty happy. Before the trip was over they were already plan another in November to go out on Lake Okeechobee. I’m looking forward to them coming back. The weather was 85 today partly Cloudy great for fishing. Little breezy overall but a very good trip and looking forward to seeing them again. Captain Doug, keep your lines tight!