Captain Mark Shepherd with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well folks on the water with Dan from Wisconsin were all that good cheese comes from. These guys just love to fish mainly using spinner rods and never used a bait cast before. We got out on the Lake using some live bait to start the day out and got huge numbers. We did really well with using the live bait. Nothing was super big but just really steady fishing and the best part of the day was teaching them how to throw Bait Caster. I got working with these guys and they took to it like fish to the water, they did a fantastic job. Then we moved out into the grass flats out in the swamp. Started teaching them about the swim baits and frogs, we ended up catching a few doing that and that’s something they can take home with them from their vacation. That’s something that will last them for a lifetime. This was a great way to spend the day with a lot of fun. It was very windy out on the lake but we made the best of it with putting a lot of fish in the boat today. This is Captain Mark Shepherd, Tight lines Everybody.