Best Bass fisheries, Lake Okeechobee, Florida

Captain Mark Shepard here with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well guys I’m here again with Joe and Steve from New York and these guys are incredible. Steve has a big charter service party boat and another boat that holds up to eight people and they go out after the big Tuna. So it’s really cool to hang out with another Captain and these guys are fantastic, a lot of fun to hang out with. We had such a freaking awesome day fishing. I mean to tell you, we went ahead and got a bunch of live bait. We planned on throwing artificial today. When we got out on the water we smoked through the live bait which didn’t take too long and we started going after artificial. We had an excellent day fishing we got huge numbers with nice quality Bass. It’s still early in the season but the fish are coming in, I mean they’re starting to show up big time. I’ve been all over the country I’ve fished everywhere on the BASS and FLW. Lake Okeechobee is the best by far Bass fisheries I’ve ever seen in my life. If you’re coming to Florida and you haven’t seen Lake Okeechobee, my gosh dude that’s like going to Orlando and not going to Disney World. So if your coming to Florida you’ve got to see this place the fishing’s getting better and better every year. Its lots of fun, so come check this incredible place out.

This is Captain Mark Shepherd, tight lines everybody.