A Three Day Trip with Joe Mixing it up with Capt Mark

This is your Lake Okeechobee fishing report with Captain Mark Shepherd. Over the last few days lots of wind but lots of fish. I went out fishing with a super guy his name’s Joe who is from Maryland. Just a great person to hang out with, lot of history his been part of Vietnam War just an honor to be with him and be part of his trip. We had a good time! We mixed it up a little bit today with using Live Bait and some Artificial. Had some great number’s with catching some pretty good quality fish. We’re doing a three day trip here. I’m really looking forward to the rest of our time. We might get some rain hopefully that doesn’t happen and mother nature gives us a chance because the wind is going to be just right in our favor. We’ll see how it goes. Lake Okeechobee is doing real good. Getting ready for spawning season coming up and going to be just fantastic this year! The water levels are nice with water quality being beautiful this year, so if you get a chance come on down.

Captain Mark Shepherd Tight lines everybody