This is Captain Steve Niemoeller, with the latest fishing report . My Sunday trip that I was on this Labor Day weekend was kind of a throw back to 4 years ago. I got to fish with some guys from Indiana. I was about 60 miles from where I came from up there. It was kind of a little reunion for the Indiana boys. We talked about fishing places and Race car drivers that we knew and everything, it was kind of fun. I was laying down St. Johns River, we caught a few largemouth bass and had a good time out their. It was a beautiful day, it was real nice in the morning, not really hot and sun wasn’t too bad. We got up on some shade trees we’re station so was it’s pretty nice, we had a nice breeze. The guys had never fished with shiners before so It was kind of something new to them. They always fish with artificial all time in Indiana. Yep to fish few shinners they just thought that was a good deal. They come back and do that again sometime next spring. Shiners up underneath the mat, up in the creek and long cork. It was just a lot of fun, so hopefully they will get back down here sometime in the spring again and go out fishing to try to catch some of the big spawn Bass, that is were ever there at. Again Captain Steve Niemoeller for all your fresh or saltwater fishing adventures, give me a call or go to