Getting in the Banks on St Johns River

Hi everybody this is Captain Steve Niemoeller with my fishing report for the St Johns River. I took out Bobby and Renee from Southern Indiana Fishing today. They’ve been coming down to Florida for quite a few times and this is the first time they went out with me on St Johns River. We actually had an outstanding day of fishing. We caught 6 bass today with Renee having the biggest Largemouth Bass. I believe it was the biggest Largemouth Bass she has ever had being 7.1! Today we Fished with using Wild Shiners. St Johns River continues to be way up and it just keeps coming up. This just makes fishing a little bit different than it normally does. Whenever the water is high you have to cast into the bank with running your Shiners back up there a little bit. All of the fish are coming way back up in the cover right now so you just get up in there and let your Shiner run as far back as you can. I’ve been hooking them and let them run as far back up the bank, that’s were all the Fish came from today. It was real real tight! We had a really good day I thought and I think they did too. I believe they’ll be coming down for some more Bass Fishing and maybe try out some Peacock Bass Fishing. It sound like they are a little bit intrigued to maybe try to do that type of Fishing with us. This is Captain Steve Niemoeller again for all your Fresh and Saltwater fishing Adventures so give me a call or go to