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The afternoon bite

Good afternoon this is Captain Robert E. Miley just leaving the Aero Jet Canal.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Larry and Kim Sparks from Texas. They have a machine repair shop over there. They came to South Florida and they are staying in Key Largo Camp Ground. They decide to give Aero Jet a chance, we fished for 4-hours. We caught lots of small peacock probably 20-25 easy small peacocks, and we ended up with 4-5 really nice ones in the 3-5 pound range. We caught several large-mouth bass. It was a good day…the water temperature was 84 and air temperature was 92 degrees. It was hot and flat this morning, and then the breeze came out this afternoon…the fishing got better. The fish start to move on the flat and you can see them and cast to them...The afternoon bite was the best! They had a good time catching fish in South Florida.

May your lines be tight and your drags scream all the way home.

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