This is Captain Steve Niemoeller with the fishing report for the last 3 days from the Rodman Reservoir.

I guided John, Greg and Palmer for the last couple of days out there for bass fishing, we fished using shiners only. Yesterday was a pretty good day, wind blew a lot but we still managed to catch 25+ fish. Today was a little bit different, we did not catch as many fish…the wind did not blow at all. The first day was a short 4-hour and the other two 6-hour trips. Last night we had full moon and fish ate over night. We saw a lot of deers on the road for the past few days. Fish have been eating at night like I believe the other animals have been doing as well. We had a good time, we caught a few fish on the sides… bites slowed down a little bit but it is starting to pick up again. We did not catch any large-mouth bass over 4 pounds but we did catch a 9 pound mudfish, it was a fun fight. Overall, we had a good weekend.

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