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A little break for some Florida Fishing

Good afternoon, this is Captain Doug Jansen reporting from Palm Beach County – Lake Ida.

Today we had a group trip myself and captain Tony Masiello. We took out some good old friends of mine from Louisville, Kentucky. They came down for a few days to get away from business and take a little break…they headed down to Miami. Fished with them for just one day last year and they wanted to come back and do it again. They want to come back next June to do this again too. In my boat I had my buddy Kevin, his wife and his grandson. We caught over 30 fish today; the biggest peacock was 3 ½ pounds. The weather was beautiful, sunny and a little warm…probably high 80s. In Captain Tony’s boat he had his other son, his son-in-law Brandon and a friend of theirs that they brought down. They caught some big ones even though they indulged themselves the night before and they fell asleep for a couple of hours! Overall, it was a nice trip.

This is Captain Doug signing off, hope to see these folks again. Tight lines!

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