This is Captain Mark Shepard with your April 9th, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

I was fishing today with Nick Mitchell from Illinois, great guy, loves the outdoors and bass fishing too! He was telling me that he wanted to catch a 6 pounder today. We did better than that, his first was 6 1/2 pounds and then…we caught a monster! He busted a 9 and 3/4 bass! We got over 50 fish…we smoked them! I mean we put them in the boat as soon as we put the bait on the hook. Great numbers, good quality, lots of 3-4 pounders…just a wonderful deal! We started at 10 o’clock, we had an absolutely beautiful day…we got a lot of pictures of the big fish. Really happy guy and lots of great stories right here on the Big “O”.

If you come to Florida and you don’t go to Lake Okeehobee, your missing out on the heart of the state!

This was Captain Mark Shepard, tight lines everybody!