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Very interesting day on the water

This is Captain Steve Niemoeller with the fishing report for my afternoon trip on the St. Johns River.

I guided Brian and his brother Brad from South Carolina on the St. Johns River this afternoon. It was my second trip of the day, we took off at 1 o'clock. About 1:30 p.m quarter to 2 p.m. we were throwing shiners underneath the mat and Brad put a 6.11 pounder on the boat and 15 min later and 8.4 one! We ended up catching a lot of 5-6 pounder bass on shiners and also Striped Bass, first time this year. It was a very interesting day on the water! When we ran out of shiners we threw Wicked Strike lures. It was a great day! This afternoon was pretty calm, we fished the south end of the lake. It is either calm or rough out there, nothing in between. This was my third day with this guys, awesome people to be around. Hope to see them again!

Again this is Captain Steve, if you need any fresh or salt water fishing trips give BassOnline.com a call!

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