This is Captain Doug Jansen reporting Wednesday 8th from Palm Bach County, Lake Ida.

My guests today were Mike Kosinski, his daughter Claudia and her long-time friend Emily from Michigan state. They are here in the sunny state of Florida for spring break, per usual. Today’s forecast was about 82 degrees in the morning, it was nice and pleasant…not too hot or windy unlike other days. We went through 6-dozen of shiners on our 4-hour fishing adventure, live bait is recommended to use in order to catch big fish. We had a good day, they caught a lot of Peacock Bass. I believe it was their first time seeing and catching one! I can’t remember how many we ended up catching, but Numbers exceeded expectations! Hope to see them again next year on spring break.

Until next time, this is Captain Doug signing off. Do not forget to give BASS ONLINE a call! Tight lines!