Captain Mark Shepard here with your April 2nd, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Today started really good, caught good fish. Favorite client this young man Paul, he brought his friend named Nick and his father . These two kids both 17-years old, impressive deal watching them go at it on the lake. We were supposed to go fishing for the entire day but 3 hours into it Nick got sick. It was a wonderful morning, everything was beautiful…the weather was good and these kids caught a bunch of fish. Special thing about this whole deal was that Nick has never been bass fishing, it was his first time catching a Large Mouth Bass and he got a bunch of them. He said that he never had the opportunity before. Even though we had to call it a short day, it was just fantastic and such an honor for me to take them out in the water.

This was Captain Mark Shepard, when you get a chance…take a kid fishing! Goodbye!