Hello! How is everyone doing? This is Captain Brian Brown here with your March 23rd Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Today we did a 4-hour crappie trip out of the north end of Lake Okeechobee. We went out of Garrards Bait & Tackle Shop. We had a pretty decent day, water warmed up to 78-80 degrees. A lot of fish were being caught around the pontoon even though the spawn bite is dying out. Overall, we had a good day. We tried fishing around any vegetation we could find, which isn’t too hard to find out there. I had the pleasure to take Michael Harvey, his father-in-law and his son David fishing, we had a good time. Water was decent, clouds did not let it get too hot or cold…perfect weather. If you guys look forward crappie fishing next year, definitely make your way down December, January or February. Those are probably your three best months out of the year. Looking forward to take people out during season!

Until next time, Captain Brian Brown!